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   Creative negotiations
In today’s increasingly unpredictable business environment, negotiating skills are must-have instrument for any independent professional, whether you are doling deals or resolving conflicts. 

Learn essential creative negotiations steps, advance strategies and practical tips by taking part in one of a kind seminar, dedicated specifically for creators. 

   Negotiations fundamentals 
Definitions and key ingredients of “success”.
Essential basics: information in media chaos, strategy development, assessment and legal skills.
Key aspects of negotiating process in deal making and conflict resolution 

Cross-cultural, corporate legal and individual aspects in deal making. 
Calculating best optimal strategy based on legal, corporate and leadership style identification.
Individual negotiating style, empathy and assertiveness.
Role of gender and culture in productive communications (energy aspects and tricks). 

   Bad negotiations and how to deal with low life communicators 
Instant jerk identification and combating with manipulators. 
Role of proper communication channel adoption, their types and designation in conflict and beyond.
What make dialog constructive and what to learn from bad experience. 

    Project based collaboration 
What makes project team ideal and how to build it. 
Mitigation of multilateral interests and complex negotiations.
The power of dedication and creative conflict resolution.