Kolobog.com will be the first world social creativity network. Alternative for any currently presented, it has mission to serve shared economy actors and meritocracy advocates with project facilitation tools in order to ultimately mitigate main global challenges: uncertainty and unpredictability.

It will promote from-grass roots ideas and project-to-project cooperation on a shared values basis.

Platform's mechanism works exactly as 5-dimensions Universe does: once you become obsessed with good idea, you are provided with right people and resources, which are necessary and sufficient enough in order to make it happen right immediately. Therefore, the platform will display only real-time and actual project pipeline, working like a crutch for those projects which take affords and time, compared to immediately manifesting thoughts and will engage likeminded people in agile-like real life collaborations on sites, whichever comfortable to them. 

Lately, collaboration process will be facilitated by "standard" media production (pre-production, production and post-production) modes and simplified by project facilitation game-like tools. Projects area list (media, culture, community building) is not restrictive.

Project outcomes with commercial (or replication) potential will be published to allow advanced users to take commercial advantage from "freshly baked" teams and their indie projects outcomes.

You are welcome to request more information about Kolobog® project from: mail@chernobay.com (Ru/En)