Dealmaking in creative economy workshop premiered at EAFA on June, 14

"Dealmaking in creative economy: who is the "nice guy" and why" is straightforward, broadband by its nature name of the class, provided by Ilya Chernobay for the MFA in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media students of The European Academy of Fine Arts is an instructional site of Irish-American University, an accredited institution of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the United States of America. This particular class examined key interdisciplinary aspects of successful dealmaking for aspiring creative economy actors (film composers in particular) with strong emphasis for interpersonal relationships building across corporate cultures and its universal ingredients.

EAFA features in-person and online educational programs that have been revolutionized for the modern musician. Its programs has proven to be more comprehensive, contemporary, and relevant to musicians across the world than traditional music programs. 

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