"Creators Negotiate" book has been gamificated.

Dear leaders!  

“Creators Negotiate" is the world's first board game, designated to learn about conscious leadership and collaboration, while simultaneously build cooperative vibes and solve real-life communication failures in teams of any type, - whether corporate or independent. One revolutionary feature of it is the lack of competitive elements. In search of practical answers to their own questions from real life, from the very beginning, players strive to find solutions together, in an atmosphere of cooperation, openness and rapport. For the same sake, instead of traditional assessment, we adopted marks-like feedback system: “clear”, “valid”, “convincing”, “complete” - as we consider this approach to communications the most productive in general. Besides, in order to let your game experience become creativity provoking, we have left a detailed regulation of the rules at your discretion, having created only flexible framework conditions along with already mentioned principles. 


Ilya Chernobay  
Natalia Voronova 
Chavdar Miter


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