Creators negotiate. Cross-cultural dimension: Bulgaria

Costa Coffee , ul. "Sheynovo" 2, Sofia City

In our never ending research of best practices, based on real-life negotiation experience we, doers, are going to touch base and share our cross-cultural wisdom in negotiations abroad and within Bulgaria in particular. While trying to slice and dice stereotypes, split individual and multicultural creator's challenges, related to negotiations, we will elaborate on some universal approaches that works globally and, hopefully, rediscover few of our individual strengths and weaknesses in order to enhance overall entrepreneurial capacity. Some of the aspects, that above mentioned issues might be considered from creators stand-point, are the following: - getting residence permit (arguments & reasons); - setting up a company (+ pros and cons); - cooperation with government and municipal entities (+benefits and losses); - start up accelerators (+ positioning vs reality); - communicational habits and channels (emails, calls, sm, visits, etc.); - legal framework (specifics, EU integration and under appreciated potential).