The truth about film

That is natural for human to make a risk evaluation of the degree of potential aggression from other person in face-to-face interaction, however the same people enjoy tons of emotional rape in movie theatres. Why is that so? It is, perhaps, that we prone to stem from the fact that we are safe, while physically sitting into the middle of concrete box with a friendly interiors, located somewhere in a downtown of somehow developed country. What a nonsense! Psychologist from Prussia, Hugo Munsterberg, was daed right, saying that cinema has unique capacity to reformulate time and space, but who made any positive social outcomes from this?

If we more or less has already figured out what is it all about in general, we, most likely, understand and, hopefully, remember that only real life force is our im-agi-nation. It serve us as endless currency, when we follow our proper life path and obey elementary psychological hygiene. And if so, why should we be surprised, that all radiation we had consumed from video screen (TV, YouTube, Instagram, movie theatre, etc.) not only has interfered our inner vision reproduction process, but even worse, - it damaged it and surrogated it in way, that we no longer follow our vision, but someone else’s instead. How fun is that sound? 

In this case, for those who stood behind the screens, the main task would be to engage us, natural visionaries, at this purely parasite process, which, obviously, has always been accomplished by emotionally provocative scenes. Furthermore, once we experienced emotions of any kind, manifestation process triggers immediately and, since then, we may expect nothing but close the same (in fact primitive part of it) scenario in our real life experience, - whether this is about having another hamburger in highly promoted fast food restaurant, or romantic drama. 

Well, it might not be that terrible if not one only sad (and in fact mortifying) obstacle, - 95 % of all contemporary video content is wether violence or commercial (which is anyway violence, though latent). 

Imagine then, if you still able to, if events, demonstrated at those highly emotional scenes has as much potential for manifestation as many individuals has contributed to it by their “own” vision power. And then imagine, that Mother Nature made in a way, that we all (to different extent, but anyway) connected and therefor, every time you watch video content, you pay your time and money for: 

1. Losing you potential to manifest your own vision; 
2. Let your vision be replaced by someone else’s vision; 
3. "Enjoy" someone else’s scenario, the point of which is mostly manipulation, violence or consumerism. 

Well, please, now imagine something else, because either way, we all may end up with anything, but happy lifetimes.

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