Kolobog ICT platform project reached out its early development stage

We are happy to announce the launch of the kolobog.com platform development process. It took quite a while to connect dots together and finally start working on the project production. 

Future ICT platform is designated to serve millennials with collaborative contracting system in order to mitigate their main challenges: job satisfaction and independence. It focuses on from grass roots ideas and aims to disrupt corporate world. 

Platform's mechanism works exactly as 5-dimensions Universe does: once you become obsessed with good idea, you are provided with right people and resources, which are necessary and sufficient enough in order to make it happen right immediately. The platform will display only real-time actual information, engage likeminded people in agile-like real-live off line collaborations on sites, whichever comfortable to them (primarily libraries, co-working spaces and coffee shops).  

Collaboration process will lately be facilitated by universal media production method (pre-production, production and post-production) modes and simplified by project management tools.

Projects area list (media content, culture, community building) in not restrictive. Project outcomes with commercial (or replication) potential will be published to allow independent producers to take commercial advantage from "freshly baked" teams and their indie projects outcomes. 

In case if you would like to participate in this project in any role, please requests for more information from mail@chernobay.com 

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