Cross-cultural dimension: Bulgaria (from "Creators negotiate")

"Apart from any other negotiating culture, although within Eastern European department, stands out Bulgarian communication tradition. As one friend of mine poetically put it, it is easier to make a deal with an alien, than Bulgarian. Well, of course, given that you are dealing with mind reader, it might be challenging, especially, if he or she is infected by low self-esteem complex (which is absolutely groundless), burdened with “the few, the proud, the marines” attitude. I personally can be biased as obligated to Bulgaria some of my happiest times, anyway, in general, I have never met people, that are more kind, wise and talented, as they are. 

Moreover, besides eye-contact, which is predominantly preached by westerners, Bulgarians used to establish heart-contact, so they are able (and prone) to make decisions both on mental and intuitive levels, meaning that, if any of these sensors fail to get their “dobre”, - a deal will most likely not get through, or will be considered as non-grata and, therefore, overpriced. 

Another absolutely astonishing feature of Bulgarian negotiating style is “no “no” policy”, - as I called it. It turned out lately, that the reason for this communication trick is to allow themselves to keep their options open, instead of cutting off potential opportunities by saying direct “no” and turning partner into counter party. Normally, no business decision is made apart from face-to-face conversation. Handshakes with women is a norma and common European “duty”."

Fragment from "Creators negotiate".

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