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My name is Ilya Chernobay (Rai is my stage name) and I am lawyer by education and composer by nature.  Recently, it happened to me to compose a book “Creators Negotiate”. Personally, I believe, nowadays, apart professionalism, the most important ability of any creator is the ability to collaborate with other creators efficiently, because whatever genius, useful and beautiful idea some single creator has, in order to reach and gain the attention of this idea’s consumer, necessary level of quality of the final product has to be achieved, necessary set of communication channels, assets, skills, energy in general has to be “bundled” and utilised into single picture of co-creators, co-visionaries. It takes team work to make it and, like I said, great deal of multidisciplinary skills, - the main of which is communications itself. 

What else I believe is that another important ability of creator is the ability to observe and to aware ... Not only such creator has to have consciousness over creative idea production in general, but, inevitably and constantly to undergo the process of re-evaluation of self and one’s own input to the ultimate outcome of collaboration, so, in other words, to expand his or her consciousness. 

That is why, I believe, it is relevant enough now to share with some of you, dear creators, the piece of my paper work, Creators Negotiate book, which is, basically, all about your favourite topic - communications... Communications (and ultimately decision making) in culturally divers teams, sometimes different jurisdictions, always under unpredictable circumstances, occasionally even in the conditions of stress and limited resources... 

Why I dare to believe it can contribute anything to your knowledge and experience? 

It is because it contains everything human being can learn from pretty unique experience of personal transformation from intense, low vibrational and still mentally overwhelming occupation of multilateral conflict resolution to way more subtle level of communications - composing for classical orchestra and, ultimately, films... 

Simply put, I consider this book sharing as an invitation to take part in the dialog between you and inner You to contemplate about the following pretty practical concepts for conscious leaders again: 

  • values
  • cultures
  • fairness
  • trust
  • empathy
  • relationships
  • thinking
  • perception
  • manipulations
  • stereotypes
  • conflict
  • emotions
  • time and even astrology… 

One thing I would like to warn you, is that this book has special feature - it works literally like detector paper. If you won’t be able to read more than 2 or 3 pages for whatever reason it is not a good sign. Contrary, if your personal mission is wider, than personal ego - you will admire it and find it exceptional. So, anyways, I do hope you will enjoy experience. 

Thank you very much to all my partners for unparalleled, fully independent creative experience.

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Rai Ilya Chernobay

leadership negotiations


know why and how to negotiate for a greater good

Global volatility, low applicable legislation and unpredictable business environment in general, - all of it increases the need for the agreement and socially beneficial conflict resolution, while old-fashioned methods of communication, based on manipulation are meant to be changed dramatically. The purpose of this manual is to provide pro-active reader with the most necessary knowledge in negotiations in order to make it light on his or her way in career, artrepreneurship and family.

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