"CREATORS Negotiate" book online presentation announcement

Obviously, any communication situation is unique in a way that the number and quality of combinations of human interactions and its components are unframeable and limitless, - many of which has become challenged under the influence of overall disruption. 

As far as there’s no technology that may provide a gradually sought after, always original communicational solution for constantly variable conditions, - the role of social creativity comes into play. 

Fortunately for the socially aware individuals and conscious leaders, under extreme situations latent conflicts of interests become more transparent naturally, so that some values, paradigms and stereotypes are being reconsidered drastically, therefore allowing great and positive opportunities, emerge from willingness and ability to transform  superficially “negative” situations into commonly beneficial communicational solutions.  

With this idea in mind and with respect to the current situation, Dr. Julia Radanova will host “Creators Negotiate” book presentation in the form of an online, interactive interview with its author Ilya Chernobay. They will walk you through the book's idea, structure and origination, with some coffee breaks in turning points and stories behind them. We will shortly pay due respect to those, who unintentionally  "contributed" to the process the most, then we will recollect a few facts along with outstanding leaders in history, related to the main topic, that worked out as building blocks for the authors' signature negotiating strategy in multilateral mitigation, as well as other universal approaches, that constitute the book itself. 

We will also quickly touch the ground of some author’s challenges, that has led him to make a decision of writing “Creators negotiate” back 7 years ago and "pursued" him to actually make it reality, while simultaneously building mental bridges into even more challenging and exciting future for those who think, create and care. 

Digital copies of the book has been licensed and distributed through: Amazon Kobo & Ridero.

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