Kolobog ICT platform project reached out its early development stage

We are happy to announce the launch of the kolobog.com platform development process. It took quite a while to connect dots together and finally start working on the project production. 

Future ICT platform is designated to serve millennials with collaborative…

Intentionally uncomfortable in Hamburg 

Hamburg appeared to be the stormy place. And it winds mind with songs, which has its own pretty dramatic story. Given that Artisan song has several tempo changes, at first, it was not recommended for production due to its specific…

"Кофейная" goes global или всем "Хорошего дня"! 

Сегодня целых два сообщения вЕселенского значения: "chernobayki" отправлены на международную цифровую аккредитацию, а "Кофейная" и "Вольно" скоро будут доступны для прослушивания и скачивания на десятках online-платформ, в том числе бесплатных. Ура, товарищи! 

"Наши в эфире" на ФМ на Дону 

Первое публичное воспроизведение песен "Тут за Доном, за рекой" и "Счастливо" состоялось в конце 2018 года в студии ФМ на Дону благодаря интузиазму ее ведущей Марине Орловой. В этой программе участвовали Илья Чернобай, Валерий Шишикин и Анна Хибенталь.

Анонс встречи "Русский переговорный стиль" в Ростове-на-Дону 

При поддержке Екатерины Ляховой в октябре 2017 года в Ростове-на-Дону состоялась презентация курса "Русский переговорный стиль", анонсированная на радио Rostov FM с помощью ведущих Екатерины Звездиной, Эдуарда Раткевича и Дмитрия Усачёва.

Human rights & angel-like knights

OSCE ODIHR Elections observation Mission in Moscow happened to be possible. Unfortunately, information on particular details of OSCE mission operations, methodology and personalities has always been confidential. Therefore, even after the one, that I was lucky to take part in…

Hollywood brotherhood in Varna 2015

Russian young litigation lawyer once came to Varna with couple of ideas for his songs. Then he met Hollywood film composers, listened to them carefully, followed their assessments and graduated Fundamentals of music for films and visual media with his…

Oh, Canada!

That was really nice to learn from that culture. I invested three rocket-like head spinning months in Toronto hub in 2014. Multicultural in overall, although pure North-American life changing experience was as incredible as if I was taken a flight…